The Workshop

A research-based presentation that shows how the mid-week meetings developed over an 18-year period, from its earliest format of parlor lectures, into the current order of service for Wednesday testimony meetings.
During the interactive portions of the workshop, participants work in table groups to discuss specific directives from Mary Baker Eddy that guided the development of the mid-week meetings. They also discuss what lessons can be learned from the experiences of the early church and which apply to us today.

Dr. Joan Bernard Bradley EdD
Dr. Bradley has contributed a number of articles to the Christian Science periodicals and the Christian Science Monitor’s Religious Perspective column. When Joan began attending services at a Christian Science Society, the testimonies shared at the Wednesday Evening Meetings inspired her to become a serious student of Christian Science and to prove its efficacy in her own life. Her son was subsequently healed of asthma, a condition that had gone on for years. The testimony is published in the Christian Science Journal, September 1990.

Joan’s deep gratitude for the testimony meetings and her avid interest in historical events led her to research how the testimony meetings developed in the early Christian Science church. She enjoyed learning how Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual insights guided the unfoldment of this inspired innovation in Christian worship. The workshop: “The vital role of testimonies in the Christian Science church” is the outcome of her research findings. The Mary Baker Eddy Library and Longyear Museum were especially helpful in doing research for the workshop. She is grateful to Tenacre Foundation for hosting it as part of their 2018 Discovery Workshops.

Joan’s doctoral degree is in educational leadership and organizational development. She has made outstanding contributions to improving school performance and student achievement internationally — in Canada, The Bahamas, England, and the USA. As a professor at Daemen College, she enjoyed distinguished recognition for teaching, when she was selected two consecutive years by two TOP TEN students as the professor who most inspired their achievement. As Museum Director at Principia, she used historical objects to teach world history and culture on both campuses. She also worked at Claremont-Fancourt School in England, as head of the Upper Junior Department.

Joan loves to travel and has had the privilege of visiting many distant countries including Australia and the Far East. She enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren; two live in Ontario, Canada, and one in Grand Cayman.

Highlights from the Workshop

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What they’re saying about the workshop…


“Excellent research and gathering of facts and context for the unfoldment of the idea – loved seeing how it changed and developed.”

“Good grounding in history and bringing it forward to the present.”

“Very thought-provoking. Historically, factually based. Sources all given. Wonderfully connected to our churches today.”

“Appreciate Mrs. Eddy’s work, and spiritual insights. Always raising her students to a more spiritual viewpoint and demonstration.”

“Presentation… showed love of your subject, love for your audience, love for Christian Science, loving acceptance of everyone’s comments, sense of humor, joy!”

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Many years ago , I was a member of a branch Church of Christ, Scientist, whose membership had a deep desire to better serve our community and share our love of spiritual healing with others. We agreed to have a series of inspirational meetings on this topic where members could share ideas gleaned from their individual study and prayer.

Having lived as an immigrant in a foreign country, I’ve found it’s inspiring to think about how biblical figures adjusted to life in foreign lands. For example, from the Bible’s book of Ruth, I love thinking about Ruth’s extraordinary expression of love and care for her mother-in-law, Naomi, and how this was a key factor in the warm welcome Ruth received in her move from Moab to Judah.

The sweet words “God is Spirit” and “man is spiritual” are ones I know very well. These ideas were proved to be true when, through the prayers of a Christian Science practitioner, my young son was quickly healed of asthma, a condition that had troubled him for some time.

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